Saturday, August 20, 2011

Red Hairstyles 2011

Of course with red hair color you can choose the popular red hairstyles 2011 pixie cut and with a pixie cut it is easy to have your hair colored red because it is short enough so that it won’t take hours to color. If you go with one of the popular red hairstyles 2011 long hair styles then you might wear in a pony tail and get that glorious red color as highlights instead of the entire head of hair being red.

Even if you don’t go all red you certainly can have darker hair highlighted with wonderful vibrant red colors that can vary from an orange red to a deep red mahogany. This will add an edge to your hairstyle whether ponytail or straight down the back with a few corkscrew curls for attention and really make it stand out.

What can look more enticing than red hairstyles 2011 with a face full of freckles? This look doesn’t have to be cute but it can be very sophisticated with small braids wrapped right at the hairline and a full cascade of red hair falling right to the back. One thing about red hairstyles 2011 is that red is a high maintenance color that requires regular touchups.

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