Saturday, September 3, 2011

Hair Color Trends 2011

Rihanna red continues to dominate the hair color trends 2011 and she carries it one step further as she shaves the hair above the ear on one side of her head which remains a darker color. Another of the hair color trends 2011 styles she has worn lately is the shaved side on the left and then unevenly almost chopped looking red hair that is straight is side swept to the side for a very sexy look. It can be dark on one side or it can be a slight bowl cut or it can be layered.

This is one of the hair color trends 2011 style that will continue to be copied in 2011 by women who have that strong self confidence. They may not go red but perhaps go white blond with a subtle pink on a few strands of the bangs then brush the bangs to one side.

Punk colors continue to be in for hair color trends 2011 but not generally punk all over but instead bold colors almost in lines of color like a golden red and blonde colored sunset over a small portion of the hair then sleeked to the side or falling in a warm sheath of color.

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