Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Korean Hairstyle

Korean hairstyle is for the Korean male or female who has that thick course textured hair that is also very straight and often porous. Korean males and females along with other Asian groups and some other ethnic groups enjoy this type of hair. Many people envy this hair as it always appears to be so sleek, shiny and very luxurious. Korean hairstyle for a female may be very long and hang straight down the back or they may be at shoulder length so that they sheath of hair swings at every movement.

For the Korean male a Korean hairstyle may be a bit edgier and spikier in the cut not the height such as the Won Bin style after the actor of the same name. This Won Bin style for guys is almost a spiky pompadour with some height but not the pompadours of the 50s where they were greasy looking and appeared long. The Korean hairstyle will be clean and sleek looking and may also have one side long and straight and one side done in a very short buzz cut with some clean diagonal or other patterns cut out of the hair lines. It may also appear to be more severe or razor shag cut.

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