Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Guy Hairstyles

Guy hairstyles can really be just about any hairstyle they want to wear. Very often guy hairstyles are easy care because a lot of guys that go to work everyday don’t want to take the time to style it and really take care of it along with shaving and other daily tasks they perform each morning. But just because guy hairstyles are easy care types they can also be just about any length a guy wants.

Many guy hairstyles are basically nearly bald buzzes that require little or no care. Then there are the shorter styles like a buzz cut and the very popular crew cut that works for many men on many different jobs such as fire fighters and construction workers.

When it comes to construction works their guy hairstyles depends on what their job is. The heavy equipment operators seem to like the long pony tail look and many others favor the short tied back look under their hardhats. This appears to be a very manly style. For other workers such as office workers the style is often a medium length which can be styled in several ways like slicked back or parted to one side or the other but generally on the more conservative side of hairstyles.

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