Friday, December 9, 2011

80s Hairstyles

80s hairstyles seem to always be coming back. Perhaps this is because 80s hairstyles were the very start of the rebel look. The 60s stayed with long skinny locks that were often not always clean whereas the 80s hairstyles were often funky and when one remembers who the 80s celebrities were it is obvious why the 80s hairstyles were what they were.

Some of the celebs were Madonna with her at the time longish white blond locks and there was Dynasty the TV show that had the stars with big hair styles, big shoulder pads and often ruffles as a designer aid. To combat this type of clothing one had to have that wild hair like Farrah Fawcett.

Bo Derek was another 80s star whose hair style led the way with its blond long locks. Often the 80s brought in vivid and bright color or sometimes a long sheath of hair on one side of the head and the other side was shaved. David Bowie also comes to mind for a male 80s singing star. So twenty years later some of the 80s styles are returning to both hairstyles and to unique fashion clothing as that was influenced by these celebs too.

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