Friday, December 9, 2011

Hair with Flair

There’s absolutely no room for excuse for a bad hair day on your very own wedding. Style those locks of yours and dazzle your guests with your presence. There are so many different looks and dos to choose from, it’s certainly quite a frenzy picking the suitable one! Good news is, there are a few classic ways to wear your hair that never die out.
The Sleek Ponytail
Prim and sophisticated. This is the style for any hour, round the clock. Wear the ponytail high and add in a hairpin for that finished touch.
The Side Bun
Elegant and good for a hot day out at a garden or beach wedding. Insert flowers or your favourite hair comb into the bun to make it look extra special, or wear it loose with your fringe let down for a more airy and casual feel.
Luxurious curls

A look that speaks volumes. Perfect for brides with thick locks of hair, otherwise if you really love it you can get your stylist to throw in some extensions.
The Stylish Elf
Who says cropped hair has to be tomboyish? Add a dash of ladylike charm with a feather or tulle hair clip, or pair with a patterned headband. Play up the elfin princess with a diamante encrusted tiara.

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