Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Long Haircuts

When it comes to long haircuts, you may be unsure as to which haircuts will work best with what type of hair. However, we have a list here that’s there to help!

First of all, long haircuts with curly hair require longer layers—too short and these layers will end up causing way too much volume. Talk with your stylist to see what they recommend for your particular curls. Different hair textures have different needs.

Next, if you have long, straight hair, then you need to look into long haircuts that are more focused on layers, especially if you have volume in mind. Again, you want to have longer layers, but you can start at about shoulder length and then proceed to go from there. You may also need to check with your stylist to see what types of layers will add the most volume to your cut. It might take a little bit of trial and layer—but you might find that you have something that you absolutely love.

As for wavy hair, try to stick to layers that are longer as well, but they don’t have to start quite at shoulder length. Long haircuts that are wavy require a little bit more maintenance if you decide to straighten or curl them—you’ll definitely need a heat protectant. Other than that, they’re super easy to maintain.

Long haircuts are a great idea—for plenty of reasons. For one, you don’t have to worry about silly little things, such as getting your hair cut every two months. You can wait even longer if you so wish!

Take your time before deciding to cut your hair—long haircuts may not be quite as dramatic as short cuts, but they’re still a big decision and they still make a huge difference to the way your hair handles. These are just a few tips about long haircuts.

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